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Biorg's HepaOrg is a 3D human liver model. Biorg developed human liver organoids over the past few years to provide a more advanced in vitro testing platform for researchers worldwide. Plates are available in 96-well format and shipped priority overnight for 10 am delivery the next day. To order or for more information, please contact us via the Contact Us page.

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HepaOrg is intended for acute & sub-chronic hepatotoxicity (qualified for two-week tox studies), inflammatory hepatotoxicity, & mechanistic studies. It offers excellent longevity & greater sensitivity to DILI than a standard 2D primary hepatocyte culture, & provides superior performance.

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HepaOrg uses technology and methods derived from the Wake Forest Institute for Regnerative Medicine's liver organoid. It includes a mixture of cells representing a healthy human liver and is assembled with optimal supplements to organize as a 3D construct.

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We ensure quality control via stringent QC metrics to assure high viability, as well as visual inspections of each HepaOrg. Biorg's commitment to quality doesn't end in our lab; HepaOrg is stabilized in a proprietary packaging medium for shipping from our U.S. production facility.

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