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Biorg Leadership

Biorg's team combines scientific expertise with deep curiosity, passion for collaboration, and commitment to scientific innovations that benefit society


Alan Hirsch, JD


CEO Alan Hirsch co-founded Biorg in 2014 with the goal of transforming the way drugs are developed and used. He was formerly Deputy Attorney General of North Carolina, Policy Director of North Carolina and Chief Policy Advisor to the Governor of North Carolina, CEO of the NC Health Information Exchange and CEO of the NC Healthcare Quality Alliance. As the CEO of Biorg, Hirsch helps ensure Biorg’s success by managing overall operations and resources, building connections to leaders in the pharmaceutical industry and experts in toxicology, and setting and maintaining a vision for Biorg that seeks to distinguish the company as a visionary in the field of pharmaceutical development and use, and regenerative medicine more broadly.

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Jane M. Shen,PharmD

Dr. Shen is responsible for growing the value and driving the vision for high level business direction of Biorg.  Previously at Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, as the Chief Strategy Officer, she drove growth and new strategies in translating research to commercialization.  She was the Head of Innovation Sector Development of Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, President of Wake Forest Healthcare Ventures Board of Directors, Head of Innovation and Technology of PMG Research, and Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations of TransTech Pharma.  With a career spanning more than 20 years in research, drug development, innovation, and technology, she has held positions of leadership involving strategic initiatives, program design and management, and corporate operations.  She earned her Pharm.D. at the University of Southern California. Dr. Shen completed her post-doctoral research fellowship with Rutgers University, New Jersey and clinical training at the National Cancer Institute, NIH. 

Enoch Kim, PhD


Dr. Kim leads all research and development efforts at Biorg, from conception of ideas to planning and execution of product development. He is an interdisciplinary scientist with a proven record of innovation; he was trained in chemistry, engineered micro fabricated devices and functional surfaces for advanced assays, and played a critical role in discovery and development of three Novel Chemical Entities (NCE) in metabolic, cardiovascular, and oncology indications. His research experience in drug discovery includes translational research in multiple therapeutic areas, as well as assay development and qualification for primary and secondary screening, preclinical pharmacology, preclinical ADME, medicinal chemistry, and drug development and drug manufacturing. He received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Harvard University.

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