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About Biorg


At Biorg, we’re transforming how therapies are developed and used. The current methods of drug discovery and treatment are outdated. It takes years and enormous investment to develop a drug. Yet those years of work routinely fail to predict outcomes in humans. Each year, the pharmaceutical industry spends over $171 billion on research to test new drugs, including $52 billion on pre-clinical studies – but over 99% of drug candidates fail. A single failed drug could cost more than $1 billion. What's more, even after a drug is approved, we don't know if or how it will work for a particular individual.


Our mission is to commercialize organ-like constructs that are predictive of human response. We do that in population studies, allowing for faster and more effective development of new drugs at greatly reduced cost. Every patient is different, and we create constructs from individual patients to find drugs that work best for that patient.


Biorg creates miniaturized human organ-like structures, called organoids, to test and develop life-saving drugs. Biorg develops robust manufacturing processes that generate cost effective, highly reproducible organoids – bringing new drug discoveries from the lab to market, accelerating and refining the drug discovery process. Then we use the next generation of organoids to provide patient-specific testing, determining in the lab which drugs work best to cure a particular patient. In all this work, we have only one goal - saving lives.


Organoids are only the beginning. Biorg is working towards the next generation of preclinical testing with integrative organoid technologies that reduce species comparison errors and enable testing across a broader range of human cell types. Body-on-a-chip. Personalized medicine. Biorg is bringing these advancements with an eye for the power of these discoveries to prevent and reverse disease progression for millions of people.


Our story is driven by the research & aspirations of our team. Learn about Biorg's leadership, founders, and board of directors.

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